At Rizzardi Economic Associates, we apply the same methodology to all our case retentions. We know, though, that each case is unique; therefore, we provide careful analysis to determine the best approach and solution. Every analysis is prepared accurately and timely by our dedicated team of knowledgeable experts.

Our consultancy includes the following:

Economic valuations

With our team, you can count on knowledgeable consultancy and expert advice every step of the way. Our valuation reports are comprehensive and detailed and offer our client a tool to use for settlement purposes in advance of trial.

Litigation support

Our economists assist in all phases of a case from early settlement demands to preliminary assessment of potential economic exposure. Early retention allows us to:

Identify other experts that may be needed in the case;
Compile questions and areas of inquiry for depositions;
Prepare requests for document production;
Identify records and/or information that can be subpoenaed in a timely manner.

Expert testimony

Our economists articulate their opinions clearly and concisely, providing for a credible source when needed.