“I first met and worked with Ms. Rizzardi when she was an associate economist at IBAR Settlement Company, Inc., in 1985. Over the time span of 1985-1996 she prepared economic evaluations and testified in court on my cases. I continued to work with Ms. Rizzardi at her own firm and she most recently testified for me in the case of Ornelas v. Southern California Edison Company; et al., in Fresno County Superior Court which resulted in a plaintiff verdict in the amount of $5,792,879.75 (Feb. 2011).

She is also testifying for me in the upcoming trial of Gottselig v. Brehm and Keyston Bros; et al. Her work product is exceptional and she is always punctual in her reporting and deposition and trial testimony. Her impression in court is excellent. I commend her to anyone considering a forensic economist.”

Rick Watters, Miles, Sears & Eanni